How can Search Engine Optimization help?

Odds are your your direct competition has already spent time and money on getting there website to perform better online. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have asked and googled this question.. “Why do I have an under performing website?” Now a days, if you haven’t hired someone to go thought your website with a fine tooth comb to seize every long tail keyword opportunity you are missing out on dozens of potential customers. Unless your company has such a niche product that you have no competitors, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes important fast.

What exactly is an under performing website?

Unfortunately that depends on what type of business you have. From the small local shot to big time stores. Reasons for making websites come in all shapes and sizes!


Niche websites with little to no competition can quite easily be under performing but tend to be much harder to spot until a competitor comes along and takes over the number 1 SERP spot. Usually those sites completely miss out on long-tail keywords.

Local Businesses:

If you are a local business selling bread for instance, you don’t really need to rank high for selling bread in locations far away from your main location. So a location based keyword say “Eastern Iowa” or better yet an even more specific location like “Iowa City, IA” is quite important. However the vast majority of websites out there today miss there mark.

Multistate conglomerate:

Lets say you are a car insurance company that covers almost every state in the United States. That company’s goal would be to rank high or at the top of searches for keywords like car insurance, truck in serene and boat insurance no matter what state. This is usually achieved by getting all of the local based businesses linking back to to home corporation. Most places don’t know how to keep the TrustRank to themselves.

How to spot an underperforming website?

This used to be a lot easier of a task. you could simply go to and type in a relevant keyword and simply not see the website on the first several pages. However these day if you are logged into google (gmail, g+, calendar, etc.) and do a search for a relevant topic of set of keywords and you have already been on you’re company’s website, you will actually be served much different results than the average user. Your own site will have a much higher SERP listing than the average user will see. You’ll see that that site is actually “Ranked” quite high, yet it is not at all.

Why can’t a company’s website be found on the internet?

“It used to rank, but recently it had fallen off google’s SERP. What happened?” I hear that every day from potential clients! The bad news is, lots of things have changed recently. Last year (2013) google changed there algorithm to butterfly. They have gone and will go through several more changes. This “butterfly” flapped its wings and has affected lots of websites with some really great content adversely! Suddenly pages that used to rank (maybe not page one, but close) have fallen by the wayside. Dropped down to 5 to 8 on SERP results. Businesses suddenly can’t be found for there relevant content.

What have I done wrong to my website?

Lots of things could have been done wrong by you or even a previous website designer. Miscategorized information or information that isn’t broken down in a logical manor can also lead to poor showing in search engine results.  Even an unscrupulous previous SEO person may have actually hurt your website’s chances to rank high on Google’s SERP. I’ve seen previous “SEO Professionals” that have used LinkFarms in the past that helped in Google SERP results for a month and then the website was never found after that. Google’s algorithm looks for bulk/spam links and can actually severely penalize your website.

Only when I google the URL does my website show up.

Maybe you haven’t targeted the proper keywords, or made the page titles accurately. Maybe content is in a constant string of a blog. There is a million things that could have been done wrong. You could have even been a victim of your competition buying link to your website from a LinkFarm knowing that you’re site would suffer negative effects. We recommend that you hire someone to meticulously go through all of your back links and contact the websites owner and asked to get the links taken down. If that doesn’t work we recommend that you use the disavow tool. If this sounds like a complete pain in the butt, it’s worse than it sounds!

How can I get found on google and bing?

Two things… 1) Buy Google/Bing ads and stay on there money making treadmill. Or…  2) Hire a professional to optimize  your website for search engines and get off of that treadmill after several months. I’ve seen it hundreds of times, people paying into Google Adwords to get traffic to there page. They have a beautiful that they spend hundreds of dollars on, but it simply doesn’t perform will on a search engine. For the keywords and target audience that completely miss the boat.

Why should I spend money to fix it?

Businesses come and go in a matter of months. So getting your company’s website in front of potential clients is quite important. Properly optimized websites usually take 2-6 months before most people see substantial changes in google’s SERP. For a brand new website and even an under performing website we recommend using google adwords to gain temporary relevant traffic. However, also spending the money to fix your under performing website is a great long term investment. One that will help you get off of Google & Bing’s Pay Per Click treadmill.

How long does it take to turn my traffic around?

We’ve found that turning traffic back around to your website due to shady/black hat SEO tactics can actually be harder than scrapping a website entirely and starting a new. However there are major benefits to staying with an aged domain name and simply adding “author” information for capability proposes. We have a tried and true checklist that has pulled websites out of there downward spiral off of Google’s SERP.

How do I now if my website is underperforming?

If you are logged into Google and doing a search, the Search Engine Results can and often come back skewed to what you have looked at in the past. They are tracking ip addresses and serving you content that they feel is the most relevant to you. So if you constantly check your company’s website to see how it is performing… it may show up at the top for you. But for the average user (anyone else) viewing you’re site will not even show on the first two pages of google’s results. This is often hard for business owners to even realize that they need to take a proactive approach and seek a professional’s help.

Who do you recommend that I contact to fix this?

In short we recommend They are a website SEO company who specializes in fixing previous SEO’s mistakes . Or if your website is simply underperforming they can help you be found.